The guy in the photo above is me. Thanks to the blurry shot, you didn't get to see what lies on my evilishy cute face. When I was in high school or should I say "high""not""cool", my classmates often bully me because of my softness. I was lonely, and it even got worst as puberty strikes. Pimples are all over my face that I can't even speak to someone face-to-face. Puberty hits me so badly to a point of depression. My skin problems we're so fucked up I almost lose all hopes. Good thing I was surrounded by people who understand my problem that I was able to rise from this burden. Today, I continue to search for things that'll help me move forward with my skin care adventure.

Last week, I met Ms. Ross Licup of Exuviance by Ross. I was hooked on her near-death experience story as she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a rare immunity problem which she was able to overcome after numerous test and procedures.

After an extensive search for a cure outside the country, It made her better but she didn't stop there. She realized to start advocating people on how to take care of their body. Her experience taught her to protect the largest organ of our body "the skin" by introducing proteins and nutrients. She said she suffered from that disease because she relies on the artificial remedy that we thought will work but actually removes the natural defense that our skin provides. Simple things Doctors wouldn't tell us so we would go back to their clinics.

Because of what she has been through, it sparked the idea of launching an e-retail beauty website that caters to everyone in need. is a website for people who cannot go to the salon and aesthetic center regularly but need beauty maintenance. Exuviance by Ross is a world-class aesthetic and rejuvenation center that battles aging and other skin and body problems with non-invasive procedures. It is also a source for the best cult beauty products with brands like Sparitual, Neostrata, Heliocare, ReTrix, Davines and many others.

“I want beauty and wellness to be available to everyone,” said Licup, whose own quest led her to open her own center. “My mission is to make beauty products less intimidating to men and women. It is not difficult to have a beauty regimen. It is not expensive. A bottle of serum can last you several months because it is very potent and full of beneficial ingredients,” she added.

Her story inspired me to persevere through life's ups and downs. I think the only advice I can give to people experiencing any impediment in life especially with skin issues is: DON'T LET THAT SHIT STOP YOU!

For more information check out their website and Facebook page or book your appointment on their physical clinic at Exuviance by Ross at Fanny Serrano Elite Salon you can also reach them at 772 8126. It is located at 2nd Floor, 818 Arnaiz Ave., Makati City.



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