Hair made beautiful with Wet Brush & Kiss Instawave Curler!

Nowadays, it takes a lot to be beautiful. Beauty trends change rapidly, which makes it a struggle for beauty enthusiasts to keep up. Skincare routines, make-up techniques, and other beauty hacks from celebrities and make-up artists are what women read up on lately. But little did we know, we are making a grave mistake by forgetting to take care of our crowning glory -- our hair.

What if we tell you that there is a secret to having healthy hair without tugging and pulling? A tool that sells 28 brushes per minute worldwide and assures to make brushing a breeze. Now in 70 countries worldwide, Wet Brush recently launched new Innovative Designs for detangling, styling and maintaining healthy hair at the Center for Aesthetic Studies.  The brush itself isn’t just for show, it’s great for your hair as well. Known for its Intelliflex® bristles paired with soft tips – it knows when to flexible and when to be firm. With the Wet Brush, there’s no pulling, no tugging, no breakage, no pain.  

It leaves your hair on your head and not on the brush. It glides through wet hair effortlessly.  No wonder it is the #1 Brush in the US and rapidly becoming the most popular consumer hairbrush since 2005.

Typically  Asians have long, straight hair, but sometimes, we love to shake things up a little. When we want our locks to curl, sometimes we head to the salon for a perm, or to get our hair styled and curled to perfection. These trips always cost time and money-- but what if we could only spend once and take care of our curling problems on our own? After all, who knows how to best take care of our own crowning glory but ourselves, right? 

At a recent launch event at the Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS), a revolutionary hair tool was introduced that made us literally kiss our hair problems goodbye: the Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler. This new baby is a way to keep our crowning glory beautiful without a hassle. 

The Kiss Instawave is basically your newest best friend when it comes to curling your hair. What really sets it apart is the ease-of-use and the quality. It’s a fully automatic ceramic curler that heats up fast, yet is gentle on the hair thanks to the advanced hair technology of the product. At a push of a button, you can get salon-quality, tangle-free curls or waves. Plus, the Kiss Instawave light and easy to carry around for any on-the-go curling needs. It’s like your personal pocket hairstylist!  

Kiss InstaWave & Wet Brush is now available in selected Watsons stores and SM Department Stores nationwide. For more information, follow them on Facebook and on Instagram



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