FatBurger is now here in the Philippines!

(L-R: Ken, Martin, Jhelo, & Kyle)
Sometimes, eating hamburgers makes me sad. It's because it brings back a part of my memory that is hard to digest.

I remember my mother struggles ever since papa left us. We have nothing but roofs on our head from relatives who are ready to adopt us for a day or two. We are used to eating salt and rice just to fill our empty stomachs. I know when mama hides her tears because she doesn't want us to see it. I feel her pain and agony whenever she sees us hungry.

When she got her new job, she always brings us hamburgers at night. She hides from the dark and softy call our names to wake us up from our slumber. Softly so we don't wake up our relatives whom we are staying in. As if she's not hurt, as if she's not in pain, she surprises us with a home made hamburger in her hands. I always wish she tell us how she feel. I always wish she opens up to us because I want her to feel that we understand. That we love her no matter what. No need for a hamburger. No need for her to seek at night.

That is why when I got invited to attend Fatburger event, there was a nostalgic feeling. I was amazed by how food can bring back memories from the past. I've never heard about Fatburger before but it made me feel something, I know it's something worth sharing. Fatburger was founded by Lovie Yancey, and they have been making burgers since 1952. 

There's a bunch to choose from the menu but I ordered a double patty burger, onion rings, and oreo ice cream milkshake. Salivating right? They also offer Veggie burger for those who are trying to cut down on meat, Angus beef hotdogs, Buffalo chicken, Sides, Salad, and Sandwiches. 

According to Peter Wingsoe, the COO of FTBR Philippines Inc, Fatburger has been living up to its name in serving the best and freshest many varieties of burger for 60 years now and believe that Filipino are ready to taste this legacy.

I must say they have the most satisfying burgers out there. I'll definitely go back with my mom and siblings to enjoy Fatburger and reminicse the past. How bout' you what do you remember when you eat a burger? Let me know in the comments below.

Visit Fatburger at Glorietta 2 Palm Drive street side, Ayala, Makati. They're open Sun-Wed 11am til 12midnight. Check out their Facebook page for more information 



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