Domino's Pizza Leads in Global Retail Sales

Based solely on comparative sales figures submitted for last year, Domino’s Pizza may now claim that it is the largest pizza company in the world. The Ann Arbor, Michigan based corporation reported a total global sales figure of USD 12.2 billion for 2017, beating out previous leader Pizza Hut, who had sales of USD 12.03 billion.

The remarkable turnaround and ascent of Domino’s Pizza are often used as a case-study by business analysts, owing to its focus on using innovative technology to ensure a personally involved, efficient, convenient, and engaging experience to consumers. Accordingly, market studies have shown that while other pizza brands are losing younger customers, Domino’s has become increasingly more popular in this segment.

Domino's likewise reported that it opened 1,045 new stores – 216 of which were in the United States, while 829 were in international locations, including the Philippines. Locally, the company has 40 stores. “Our global strategy of thinking like a technology company has reaped tremendous results, and we are so happy that Domino’s now has the biggest slice of the global pizza market,” said Dominos Pizza Philippines president Pinky Yee. “Locally, we are also gaining a lot of recognition for being a progressive, digital-first brand; one that delivers an amazing customer experience through innovative technology,” she added.

Many of the landmark technologies that Domino’s utilizes in foreign markets have been adopted to the Philippines, including its real-time Pizza Tracker, “store-to-door” delivery fulfillment infrastructure, multi-platform interaction, and its Pizza Profile ordering system. 



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