Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger as the new Bluewater Day Spa Ambassadors!

If you're a legit reader of my blog, you guys know that I rarely go to the spa. I'm not used to getting extra service (get yo' green ass mind outta here) Lol! In fact, I'm the masseur in the family. As time goes by my hands got tired of doing these mandatory chores. I come to realize, that is it about time to treat myself as well. Check out my other blog HERE.

Last week, I was so lucky to witness the new Ambassadors of BlueWater Day Spa in flesh. This #powercouple really makes the crowd swoon with their chemistry. You can see that they're so raw, genuine and just perfect with each other. “After so many years, I’m so happy to be back as a member of the BlueWater Day Spa family,” says Pia. Marlon, on the other hand, a first-time brand ambassador of the luxury lifestyle center said: “It’s great to be part of something that Pia loves, and I myself have grown to appreciate as well.”

As two on-the-go professionals, as well as power couple, Pia and Marlon often retreat to BlueWater Day Spa to de-stress and pamper themselves. Pia loves the Deep Tissue Massage and the slew of Body Scrubs offered at BlueWater Day Spa such as the Olive Scrub, Green Tea Scrub, Pomegranate Scrub, the Botanical Rice and Milk Scrub, or the Botanic Milk Scrub (her favorite). “After just a session, your skin feels tighter and baby smooth!” she says.

Marlon, on the other hand, schedules a regular Deep Tissue Massage and the Athlete’s Massage after his trips and training. “With the Athlete’s Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, my recovery time becomes much faster and I feel stronger, which is crucial when I’m training,” he says.

You guys should treat yourself too because you deserve it! Check out their Facebook page for more information! 



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