Philam Life Active Joint Critical Protect!

I don't know with you, but when I reached the age of 25, I started to notice how time flies so easily like as if I haven't done anything enough for my self and my family. I started thinking about my savings, my life goals, and mama getting old. There is a pressure within me, a struggle of thinking whether to prioritize the future or my current needs. How great would it be if you can care for your loved one’s health while caring for your own? Nothing beats spending a long, satisfying life with the people who matter most to you.

Philam Life, in its understanding of its customers’ need to care for themselves and their loved ones, recently launched Active Joint Critical Protect, a health and life insurance for two that allows them to jointly safeguard themselves and a loved one—be it spouse, parent, sibling or child—against serious diseases or untoward events. Powered by Philam Vitality, it also encourages healthy living by giving incentives for knowing and improving their health, at the same time boosting the plan coverage by up to 50% as they live healthier. 

With Active Joint Critical Protect, they are protected from the most common critical illnesses among Filipinos, including heart attack, stroke, and cancer. After the plan’s standard period of ten years and no claim was made, it automatically renews, making it very convenient for them. Through this product, Filipinos can protect themselves and their loved ones at the same time. 

Recently launched with Philam Life Brand Ambassadors Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico and Mond Gutierrez, the latest product from Philam Life allows Filipinos to care for their loved ones in the best possible way—by preparing them against future health concerns and protecting them if something untoward happens. 

“Chard, being my twin, is the closest, most important person in the world to me. And I if there’s anyway I can take care of him then I will,” said Mond. “I love my mom and there’s not much I can do for her at this stage. But with this new product from Philam Life, I can do my part to make her worry less about getting sick in the future,” affirmed Solenn. Nico added, “I don’t have to tell you guys how much I love my wife. And while there are millions of ways that I’ve shown this, preparing for the unforeseen future makes me breathe easier every single day.”

According to Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer Leo Tan, “We at Philam Life always put our customers first and strive to innovate with products that address their needs. With a product that jointly addresses the twin concern of health and protection, we are empowering Filipinos to feel secure about their and their loved ones’ future, helping them live worry-free and healthier, longer and better lives.”

Find out more about Active Joint Critical Protect. Visit Philam Life’s website at, Philam Life’s Facebook page, or contact them through email at or through landline at (02) 528-2000.  



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