Why Danarra Aromatherapy Oils should be Millenials Choice

When I was in grade school and got really nervous from being extremely socially awkward (if there's such thing haha!), mama used to calm me down with vicks vaporub or white flower balm. I grew up hating its smell and ugh the relentless way of how mama rubs it to my head and tummy. But when I reached this age where I easily get affected by society's physical and mental toxins, I started missing my mom's balm. The soothing comfort it gives me brings back a lot of good memories with my mama. I did buy myself a small bottle of white flower and carry it wherever I go, but its smell is so popular that when I open it inside an air-conditioned room, I always get the attention. People will start telling me, you smell like my grandma and everything, I don't really care that much really with what other people say, but if there's an alternative I think I'd go with that one. I also hate it when the balm touches my fingers because I always accidentally rub it on my eyes. I know you know how it feels.

That is why I got really excited when I was invited at the launch of Danarra Aromatherapy Oils at Hyatt Hotel BGC. I am the kind of person who prefers soothing balms than medicines that are available over the counter. The name Danarra is derived from the word “Nadarra,” which, in the Scottish Gaelic vocabulary means “natural.” Celtic knots were chosen to become its symbol because Danarra and the Celtic knots connote interconnectedness between a person and nature. 

Danarra Aromatherapy Oil helps boost mental activity, provide a calming effect, helps relieve a headache and nervous exhaustion and restlessness, make you feel fresh and energized, lift your mood and relieve stress.

Danarra Aromatherapy Oil, which is available in six variants, is in a sleek and handy roll-on packaging for a more convenient, purse- and pocket-friendly use (no spills or leaks) — just perfect for students and professionals on the go!

Danarra Classic Menthol Destress gives instant relief in the traditional and familiar camphor scent. It can provide sinus care and help with motion sickness and itchiness due to insect bites.
Danarra Green Tea Clear Mind helps to relax, calm and soothe you making you feel fresh and energized.

Danarra Lavender Relaxing Sleep help eliminates nervous tension and aids in providing relaxing sleep. Perfect for insomniacs.

Danarra Young Cool and Fresh has the cool wind effect and freshness of air. It is perfect for moments when your senses are hit by unpleasant aromas. 

Danarra Flowery Citrus Energy Giving uplifts your spirit with hint of citrus and flowers.

Danarra Sport Mood Booster is perfect for your active lifestyle.

Danarra Aromatherapy Oil puts importance in attaining relief as naturally as possible. You don’t really need to choose from the six variants. Bring one or two and have fun in combining which ones are perfect for your needs. For instance, Classic Menthol and Lavender could be a good combo for the professional who’s always under a lot of stress. Green Tea and Flowery Citrus keeps the stressed students smiling sweet. Young and Sport is the right combination for the guys who know how to balance working hard with playing hard.

You can have fun with the combinations because Danarra Aromatherapy Oil is priced at P89.00 only and available at Mercury Drug Stores nationwide.

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