Who WON the Predator League PUBG Philippines?

Last Sunday, I witness the olympics of online gamers battle it out to represent the country in one of the most prestigious PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) competitions in Pan Asia Pacific and a chance to take home over PHP200,000 in cash prizes.

The event was held at the High Grounds CafĂ© and and January 27 at Glorietta Activity Center. A total of 16 top teams from all over the Philippines – Team No Future, Miraculum, TNC, ArkAngel, Anonymous Ilonggos, Nirvana, Vulture Gaming, Mistah, DPT, AdMiral, Ronin, 5peaks, Patriots, Vortexfarm, NCGC Vortex, and Bosons– compete for the Philippine championship title. 

With the addition of PUBG on its second year, Predator League is one the biggest eSports tournaments worldwide. Only the best of the best teams from 13 participating countries will fight for the Predator Shield and prove to be the greatest e-sports team in the region.

The team with the highest score wins, determined by a pointing system with a total of 12 action-packed rounds. The team will also get a chance to represent the Philippines at the Predator League Finals 2019 in Thailand on February 15 – 17, 2019 for a chance to get a slice of the USD 400,000 pool prize.

Predator has the most complete line of gaming devices ranging from laptops, desktops, and monitors with the latest technologies, enhancing the eSports community's gaming experience—truly the best gaming monitor in the market. Predator’s support for this tournament reinforces the brand’s commitment to the gaming industry in the Philippines and in the region. We are very happy to share the opportunity to show the world how exceptional our homegrown gamers are, not only in DOTA2 but also in PUBG, said Sue Ong-Lim, Predator Philippines Sales and Marketing Director.

To also give the public of what an ultimate gaming experience feels like, the Predator Thronos Gaming Chair was also revealed during the competition. The majestic Predator Thronos’ steel structure is 1.5-meter tall. Its motorized cockpit for adjusting your screen setup comes in dual-tone black with blue-white accents. The reimagined gaming chair lets the gamer live inside the game as it vibrates in synchronisation with sound the games produce.  The chair is adjustable and includes an ergonomic seat design, footrest, and a cabin that reclines up to 140 degrees. The overhead brace supports three 27-inch gaming monitors and a space for a Predator gaming PC. Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Predator Thronos is really more than a
gaming chair—it’s a gamer’s wild, ultimate cave. Predator Thronos is customizable depending on the gamer’s preference. Its CPU is interchangeable from POS-610 RGB, PO9-500 RGB to the best option P09-900 RGB and its monitor from Nitro XV272U P, Nitro XV273K P to the much-raved Predator XB273K. Predator offers three packages with SRP starting at PHP 699,999.



CHAMPION: ArkAngel (168 points) – Mark Christian Dedal, Christian Estrella, Dan Noya, and
Kirk Robin Amable

1ST RUNNER UP: Vortex Farm (128 points) – Mark Chin, Mark Nerosa, Christian Prajes, and
Kanakann Namia

2ND RUNNER UP: NCGC Vortex (103 points) – Jessie Jude Aparece, Jellicoe Piloto, Resmark
Wating, and Christopher John Canete 5th Ronin (75 points); 6th Bosons (74 points); 7th Patriots (71 points); 8th 5PEAKS (68 points); 9th Miraculum (59 points); 10th A Ilongos (46 points); 11th Mistah (46 points); 12th TNC (42 points); 13th Nirvana (41 points); 14th Vulture Gaming (35 points); 15th AdMiral (35 points); 16th DPT (21 points).



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