It's been a long time since I share some beauty related content here on my blog. Well, today you have been blessed because these two products I'm about to share is MAJOR! First, let's talk about this boujee Stay Fresh Sparkling Mist. This product was actually a collaboration between Althea Korea x Titi Kamal an Indonesian actress and singer.

Let me just say when I first tried it (I'm not gonna lie) I thought I'm not gonna like it because of the sweet scent. But eventually, after wearing it for a minute I noticed it toned down to a fresh floral, fruity, and cottony scent which I adore. Now, my sister and I can't get enough of this mist, we're about to finish the bottle. lol! The Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist is PHP 450 on Althea Korea website. I think it's a reasonable price for 100ml right? I mean it's not just a simple mist. Titi Kamal wouldn't put her name there if it's not worth it.

If you're interested to see the full description about the product and ingredients click HERE.

Now let's move on to the high bish herself Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser! When I tell you I used this the moment I received it, you betta believe it. Since then, I didn't stop using this cleanser until I exhaust the whole bottle. I freaking loved it and I can quit using other cleanser just for this one.

At first, I'm a bit confused because it said on the label it's a serum cleanser and I thought those two words don't correlate. lol! After educating myself (a.k.a google-ing) it is indeed a cleanser but in a serum form. I noticed that the consistency is oil-like and it has a strong minty scent to it, just be cautious because it's stingy on the eyes, most especially if you have sensitive eyes. This product really does wonders, it melts the makeup on your face like butter (literally!). You don't have to worry if you're wearing waterproof mascara and long-wearing foundation because it's no match to this cleanser.

Also, little goes a long way for this one. Three drops can melt the mug honey, trust me. This bad boy not only removes dirt & makeup on your face. It also balances the PH level of our skin and keeps it hydrated. It is available for 430PHP on Althea Korea website, which again, I think reasonable compared to high-end brands.

Check out the ingredients and full description HERE.

Thank you for reading! (^_^)



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