Be healthy with Maxicare Veggie Festival!

Who doesn't want to have a healthy lifestyle nowadays? I mean who doesn't want to live longer? At this age and time where stress and toxic stuff are everywhere, staying healthy is not something I can achieve overnight. It's a process ― a long and rigorous process. You have to know what you want and be loyal to it. I don't know, I think I already know the secret to a healthy lifestyle but for some reason, I still cheat on myself. I work out, eat healthy then suddenly find myself indulging a lazy day with fast food meals on the side. The devil is seriously on doing his job on me.

That's why I'm so thankful to encounter events like Maxicare Veggie Festival, it reminds me to try to be healthy again. Entering the event makes me feel like a legit healthy person. lol! I was welcomed with different booths that offers healthy & organic stuff.  

They have vegetarian cuisine, organic soap for dogs, gluten-free dessert, all natural bath bombs and more. This is HEAVEN I couldn't ask for more. During the event, they also did a talk about plant-based lifestyle and all good things for health-conscious consumers.

One thing I learned from this event that I want to share with you guys is, eating shouldn't be merely about satisfying your hunger, having enough is a simple matter of listening to your body's signal.

If you're into a healthy lifestyle too, check out their Facebook page and Website.



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