Embracing the Takumi Spirit!

On my previous blog post, I shared how Toshiba rules the industry of electronic conglomerates. Now, let me share their secret how they stand through time and staying relevant. The secret to being strong just like Toshiba products and Toshiba itself is very simple Takumi spirit. Takumi means in Japanese is "Artisan" that also can be used on Kanji character which can mean skillful, engineering, adroit to name a few.

Mixing it all together with the Toshiba's vision you'll get Craftmanship, Precision, Perfection. It goes down from the brand to their products and finally to our homes.  In line with that Toshiba launch their latest line of state-of-the-art home appliances; all set apart from the competition through its underlying takumi spirit—a craftsman’s approach to work in his relentless pursuit of perfection.

In modern households of today, homemakers continually desire for appliances that are both convenient to use and intuitively designed; featuring ease of operation while providing solutions to everyday needs that consumers normally struggle with. With Toshiba’s signature T-07 Washer and the flagship T-07 Washer/Dryer, the 3-SystemOrignFRESH™ Refrigerator, and the top load water dispenser, discriminating consumers can thus embrace the takumi spirit, with the assurance that these appliance solutions are designed, engineered, and manufactured with an uncompromising attention to detail—boasting superior Japan quality, design, safety, and reliability—a perfect fit for contemporary lifestyle needs.

For breezy and trouble-free laundry work, the Toshiba T-07 Washer and the flagship T-07 Washer/Dryer comes with a humanistic-oriented design that is aimed at providing exclusive laundry care for your family, powered by its proprietary RealInverter™, Greatwaves™, CycloneMix™, and SenseDose™ technologies. These advanced laundry technologies allow for controlled rotation speed for better energy savings; improved color protecting performance; enhanced detergent dispensation and increased detergent dissolution; plus superior drying capacity like never before.

For your kitchen, and for practical homemakers seeking energy efficient appliances, take a closer look at the1 st Japanese Quality 3-System refrigerator in the market: the Toshiba OrignFRESH™ 4-Door INVERTER Refrigerator. Not only does the Toshiba OrignFRESH™ 4-Door INVERTER Refrigerator keep food in its original state of freshness, vitality, and nutrition for longer, but it also transforms by expanding—increasing capacity by 15%—right when you need it. What’s more, thanks to its independent cooling system, plasma odor terminator, and 26 compartments, food can now be kept longer and fresher with no cross-contamination—with 20% savings on energy via its Dual Inverter!

Finally, Toshiba also takes pride in its line of top loading water dispensers, offering fast heating and cooling: 420 watts heating (providing water outlet temperature up to 85-95˚ C in as fast as 10 minutes) and 120 watts fast cooling (between 3-8 ˚ C in one hour). Low electrical consumption and safe operation is also assured, thanks to 2-Step Protection cut-off and an insulated body material that’s guaranteed rust-free! With its impressive line of state-of-the-art appliances, Toshiba brings to our shores the inimitable takumi spirit, cognizant of the needs of sensible Filipino consumers who seek nothing less than superior Japanese reliability, durability, and harmonized design.



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