Marc Nelson Landlite's newest brand ambassador!

A couple of days ago I went to this Landlite Lighting Design 2019 which I don't have any idea whatsoever. Thank God I did because I learned so much when it comes to lighting, especially if you want a well-lit house or establishment. We all know perfect lighting really makes a big difference right? It set the mood, aura, & ambiance of the room. I think it's the greatest invention man has ever done, let's take a moment to thank Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla for their inputs. Setting aside their "feud" or should I say scalding tea.

As an independent-strong-woke-millennial, I also consider eco-friendly, sustainability, multifunctionality, & mobility lighting design. Which Landlite Philippines Corporation (LPC) what is really about. “We’re excited to share the latest lighting design trends for this year 2019,” says LPC CEO Jocelyn Li, during Lighting Trends and Designs 2019 where the top lighting distributor shared with key customers and media the latest lighting design and technology innovation. “We would like to uplift the lighting standards of our market into a new level. We have three main priorities we focus on: Quality and service, evolving trends, design and innovation, and product sustainability”.

During the event, they also presented its new brand ambassador top host and celebrity Marc Nelson who will appear in the company’s marketing campaigns and share news about LPC products and industry insights.

They share some lighting trends this 2019 Eco-lighting As the world becomes more conscious about the environment particularly in the reduction of waste and the promotion of recycling, lighting products are also responding to this call. The Hook portable eco-lamp for one, designed by OiKo Design Office for Faro Barcelona, has been optimized for all stages of their life cycle, reducing the environmental impact between 30 percent and 70 percent. Free of harmful PVC, a harmful material present in most wires and plugs, the housings of The Hook portable eco-lamp are also made entirely of recycled plastic.

For more information check out their Facebook page.



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