Althea Korea's NEW Cooling & Calming Products!

Why you should change your skincare products? Well, sis, our skin is constantly changing just like the season, so we must consider putting the appropriate product on the largest organ of our body. For instance, if you're going to put a mattifying toner & moisturizer during the cold rainy season it's not gonna work, our skin needs hydrating products because of the weather. Same thing during Summer you'll end up looking greasy if you're going to put thick, heavy moisturizer. It's just a mess!

That is why it's very important to know which product is suitable to use for your skin based on the season and your skin type. Recently, Althea Korea launched its newest product from their "Cool & Calming" line. 

Let's talk about Waterful Green Bamboo pads first. Out of the two, this one really intrigued me. It works as a toner and/or a mask pad. Cool right? I love the packaging as it is minimalist and pleasant to the eyes. Its scent will take you to a zen state, imagine a spa full of bamboo trees and calming music.

I've been using it for almost a week now, and I must say that it's very timely for the current season. It has a cooling sensation when you put it on your face and it feels very lightweight. After I cleanse my skin, I put three pads across my face and gently massage and pat the remaining product on my skin for better absorption. It will definitely leave your skin feeling fresh, clean, and super hydrated. 

My skin hadn't encountered any problem with this one - no pimple or any sort of irritation at all. I can recommend this for all skin types. It's so gentle and packed with natural ingredients that your skin needs. To add up to its perfect packaging is a mini plastic tweezer that makes it easier for you to get pads without leaving dirty marks on the whole jar.

This Waterful Green Bamboo is Php 700.00 which I think is very reasonable for its effectiveness. 

There are things that I like and I don't like about this Skin Relief Calming Cream. I like it because it's lightweight, but I don't really know if that is the problem because it feels like it only sits on top of my skin. 

When I rubbed it, it doesn't really feel like my skin is absorbing it even though it does, because you'll see that your skin is hydrated after a few seconds. It looks like a lotion that builds foam when you apply it and personally, I am not a fan. What I super like about this skin relief calming cream is the scent. Yes! It smells organic, but not that kind of organic your thinking ah! There's a citrusy aroma mixed with herbal tea bags your mama use to make every morning. I think this is a promising product for cold weather, but not with this scorching heat of summer.

Skin Relief Calming Cream is Php 560.00 and is available at Althea Exclusives

You may also visit their website for more information or visit their facebook page at



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