Cool UV Sun Screen to use this Summer!

So I've been receiving plenty of PR products from my mailbox lately and today I'd like to share to you guys something that I really fell in love with while I'm trying them all out. This will be a pretty straight forward post because I know some of you are easily bored with flowery words haha! I got the Bioré UV Aqua Rich water gel & Bioré UV Spray to be honest, when I got to hold of this UV Spray,  I was kind of hesitant to use it because its labels and instructions are all in Japanese. (Watashi wa nihongo no hanashikataga wakaranai) It's not that I don't trust Japs brands, I just don't want to misuse the product and then accused them wrongly.

That's rude and unfair, so what I did is I just sprayed a little on my wrist, like how I swatch makeup, and suddenly found myself spraying it all over my face. I love how cool it feels on the skin. Perfect for this scorching heat! This Bioré UV Spray makes me feel like I found an oasis in the middle of the desert. It's lightweight and not sticky at all. Yoh gurl here is tired of all those sunblocks that stings and leave bluish tint.

Bioré UV Spray is invisible that I even used it on top of my makeup when I attend events. This UV Spray for me is a must have for all you on the go babes who dreams of having protected skin this summer.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich water gel, on the other hand, is a watery gel type of SPF. I thought this one is just a typical sunscreen.  I test it out by putting the right amount on the back of my hand and it looks straight up white, which is not a good sign.

I was even shookt when I blend it out because it gave me that gray cast. I did not lose hope, I kept blending until it looks just like my skin but with a glowing finish. I noticed that it's also lightweight and keep my dry skin hydrated.

I gave it a couple of minutes and ta-dah! I used it underneath my makeup and its so good. After I finished my makeup routine I spray a little bit of UV Spray and I think it's the best combo. Bioré UV Aqua Rich water gel & Bioré UV Spray has become my instant favorite sunscreen!

Oh hindi PR-PR to ah! I really like this product so you will deal with it whether you like it or not. lol!

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