Oishi Snacktacular in Pampanga!

Do you love to travel? For me, it's rare like waiting for the rain in a drought. lol Seriously tho, I consider a lot of things that's why I don't travel that often. But whenever I have a chance, I don't waste it. Last week, I went to SM Clark in Pampanga to witness this year's Oishi Snacktacular event.

This is my first time to attend this occasion, that is why I'm so excited to try their games and activities. As always I'm all over the place and forgot to ask my friend to take a photo of me in each booth. Pardon me, you'll not going to see me in this blog, but I promise you I had so much fun. #BloggerGoals HAHAHA! 

So there are four booths you'll have to visit for you to get your favorite snacks. The first booth I visited was Snack Shack, this one is pretty easy. All you have to do is to manage to fit as many Oishi snacks as you can in a given bag in one minute.

The next one is Fish for Chips. You thought this is easy? Think again cyst. This game made my arms hurt like hell. Fishing for snacks is not as easy as you think it is.  Although it's hard, I went home with a nice catch, beat that aye?!

I'm pretty sure y'all have heard this Snack Catcher thing, where you are going to be a living claw crane. I was nervous while manong was fixing my harness, but once lifted the butterflies flew out of my stomach and managed to get lots of snacks - 102 in total! Beat that again ey! 

They also have O-Chill booth where you could choose from Smart C + Lemon Squeeze + Yakult, Mais con Oaties or Hi Coffee Latte + Coffee Jelly, perfect after all the activities.

This is so much fun, I feel like I'm a child again. I can't wait for next year's Oishi Snacktacular, I hope to see you there!!!

For more information check out their Facebook page.



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