Comfort detergent review!

I have been using different detergents in the past and, to be honest, up until now, I'm still in search for the one that will not only take good care of my clothes but also keep up with my lifestyle. You can call me a cheater for jumping in one detergent to another (choz!) but it is what it is.

Do you remember comfort as a fabric conditioner? Well, I think their management thought they can do more so they now have their very own detergent. A few weeks back I attended the unveiling and indeed I had a great time. Unlike others, Comforts' detergent is said to address five signs of clothes aging - color fading, shape loss, bobbling, yellowness and roughness. It comes in powder and liquid form with two variants Glamour care, and Casual care.

Having the products on-hand, (which you know, blogger perks LOL!) I decided to put it to test using my dirty ass clothes AYEH! After a week of usage, here's my verdict:

Let's talk about the liquid detergent first, for me, it really works on keeping the color and even made my clothes softer. It's like a detergent and fabric conditioner in one which is very common with most of the detergent powders today. We have an automatic washing machine at home and I know I followed the instructions properly, but after drying, the scent seems to disappear so I had to eventually use a fabcon. I don't think it's good on its own, but I'll choose this if I want my clothes softer for easy ironing.

Now to my instant favorite the powder form, whenever I use this I feel comfortable that my clothes are clean, smells good and well taken care of. I don't have to put bleach or fabric conditioner onto my clothes because of all the goodness I get from this detergent. I used the exact amount on my clothes and voila! ALL GOOD! The "Glamour Care" is a must-try for extra people like me. Okuurr!

That's my short and quick review about Comfort Care Detergent let me know in the comments below if you already used this before. Thank you guys for reading!

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  1. am a cheater too! pero now i discovered this para nga naman retain padin un kulay ng damit namin lalo mga panglakad. won't cheat na 💋


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