Neostrata a Beauty Solution!

If there is an elixir that would turn my skin instantly look like a pearl, I would have had devoured one a long time ago. Unfortunately, that thing only exists in the movies so what's left for me now is my perseverance, desire, and imagination for a fountain of youth.

That would probably be why I'm always a sucker for skincare. My fascination with smooth clear skin makes me always looking forward to attending skincare events. Luckily, I just got to attend an event for NeoStrata, a brand from a company that has a passion for developing anti-aging skincare.  From the onset, NeoStrata founders Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu discovered novel ingredients that have advanced the science of dermatology. After 40 years of revolutionizing physician-grade skincare, NeoStrata in partnership with DMARK Beauty (their official distributor for 20 years) is now ready to begin a new chapter with their new line of products.

The NeoStrata Skin Active line is a collection of premium products designed for maximum, noticeable results in potent formulations where results continue to build with time. These collection features benefit ingredients that are often combined into "complexes" to address the multiple concerns encountered while aging. The line is comprised of different regimens carefully crafted to solve different skin concerns, and each product within every regimen is formulated with potent, high-quality performance-driven ingredients proven to work. 

Hopefully, in this very discriminating world, we lived in, DMark Beauty Corp and NeoStrata would help more Filipinos realized their true beauty through skincare. 

For more information about NeoStrata products, you may visit their website at 



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