Smell fresh anytime, anywhere with the NEW Axe Pocket!

Do you ever have those moments on the go when you just wish you had your fragrance around for a fresh pick-me-up?  Maybe you've just finished your daily commute, and you still want to look and feel fresh once you get to the office, or maybe you've worried about the smoky food smell sticking to you after a good meal. And sometimes, there are those unexpected moments a last-minute hang, or a sudden interaction with your crush - that you just can't prepare for.

Gone are the days worrying about all those, because your favorite Axe fragrance now comes in a pocket-sized pack! From the world's #1 male fragrance brand the all-new Axe Pocket Perfume, a credit card-sized pack with a slick design, so you can literally bring around your favorite scent right in your pocket. Available in the brand's signature scent Dark Temptations and Black, the portable pack allows guys to top up their fragrance anytime anywhere, so they can #SmellFreshStayReady even in the most critical moments of the day.

With the new Axe Pocket perfume, you now have an on-the-go scent perfectly suited for your on-the-go lifestyle, helping you confidently #SmellFreshStayReady for any occasion.

The Axe Pocket Perfume17ml is now available for only Php 65 SRP in leading convenience stores nationwide.  For more information, visit



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