Early Christmas celebration with Bo's Coffee

Photo by Marco Dennis
I always look forward to the holidays, I mean who doesn't? It's full of gift-giving, sharing the love, and of course, overflowing food. A couple of days ago, I attended an early Christmas celebration at Bo's Coffee in Greenbelt 5. I personally had fun because I get to see my fellow bloggers after a long hiatus on the community.

We did a lot of catch up, bond over a scrumptious meal, and spill a lot of tea... I mean coffee if you know what I mean. On top of that, we also exchange gifts which made us more excited for Christmas. 

This Filipino-owned coffee shop urges people to spend more time with loved ones, and it is truly reflective of Bo's Coffee’s holiday offers, where you can show love and Give Love. In line with that their Give Love holiday campaign are composed of Dark Mocha Macadamia Froccino, Mocha Hazelnut Froccino, and Almond Buttercrunch Froccino. 

For pastries, included are Chocolate Mousse Cake and Queso de Bola Cheesecake. The Bo's Coffee holiday beverages also incorporate flavors that can be traditionally found in the Christmas setting. The Dark Mocha Macadamia is a blend of dark chocolate, coffee, and macadamia. Almond Buttercrunch Froccino has caramel, nut, chocolate, and coffee while Mocha Hazelnut Froccino is a blend of hazelnut spread and coffee.

Looks and sounds good right? To be honest, I think I ate too much during the event. lol Also if you're going to pay attention to the design of their cups, they actually incorporated the Philippines weave pattern designs as their way of giving back to its roots.

Not only that, their first-ever Bo's Coffee reloadable card and Planner also have the same hand-painted pattern includes Sagada's scenery and the weave pattern of the Cordillera Autonomous Region. The Planner is nationalistic, well-designed and functional and is your perfect partner for 2020.

Photo by Erica Yu-b
You can also have your favorite coffee at your doorsteps by ordering it through their app. Get Bo's Coffee Planner, Bo’s Coffee Electronic Gift Certificates, and other rewards by earning points which is another part of the brand's digital initiatives.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page.

Happy Holiday's



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