#LoveRules with CloseUp

This event has been so far the closest to my heart because it tackles about freedom, love, and gender. It is also very timely to discuss this because we are coming to end 2019 and its best to learn from our mistakes to welcome the next year with acceptance and let people fall in love freely with the person they're attracted to without any discrimination.

Even though up to this day some people still controlled by society's old conventions and traditions. It is up to us to enlighten them with these differences - from age, cultural gaps, a different religion, the stigma around online dating, and to accept the LGBTQIA community.

Last week, I attended the #LetLoveRule event with CloseUp I must say my heart is happy all throughout the event. They have guests that talk about different kinds of love and mutual respect and I pick this up from all of their stories. "In order to create a society free from shame, discrimination when pursuing an unconventional relationship, we have to let the love rule instead of imposing rules on love."

"Through our #FreetoLove campaign and the diverse stories we showcase, we hope to realize our vision of a world where people can get closer to each other, without doubts or fears of judgment or prejudice, ultimately allowing love to rule,"  says Carmela Guno, CloseUp Philippines Brand Manager.

By bringing forward these diverse stories. CloseUp continues to empower everyone to get close and choose love.  Hoping to create a more accepting and respectful world, where love has no rules.

For more information check out CloseUp Facebook page.



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