Share a compliMentos today!

As a socially-awkward-introvert person, it's very difficult for me to talk and make friends to anyone. It's even tougher to give a compliment, but since 2020 is nearly approaching we don't need that kind of energy. In the words of Millenials, she's canceled and I will use that term loosely next year to eliminate any negative thoughts. Amirite?

Good thing there's someone to help me conquer this fear. Thanks to Mentos, yes you heard that right! Your favorite breath refresher candy comes with limited-edition complimenting quotes on its packaging. Now you will never run out of good things to say.

I even attended their event last week, held at the Fully booked top shelf where they reveal their celebrity ambassadors, Paulo Avelino and Gabbi Garcia. They also did a social experiment video to share and give a compliment to Filipino people.

"What I learned was that people were shy and embarrassed at first but they were thrilled to
receive compliments and nice comments. They sort of lost their shyness," said Paulo.

"The compliments served as ways to connect with them. What I saw was how they were not just
flattered but touched by the compliments," said Gabbi.

It's true that with Mentos, you'll get a chance to make a fresh connection by paying someone a sincere compliment.

"Mentos is all about making Fresh Connections and with Mentos CompliMentos, our latest limited-edition roll, we wanted to be the enabler or catalyst for these moments through the tangible manifestation of our brand positioning. Compliments don't need to be made up of big words. They can be something as simple as you have a nice smile or you are kind. Mentos came up with this campaign to help people make connections, meet new friends and learn how to accept compliments graciously," said Denise Opulencia, Mentos Brand Manager.

Make a move and compliment someone today with Mentos! Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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  1. Kapag medyo di sanay makipag connect, kahit na may positive words ka to say towards someone, giving compliment is hard to utter �� Kaya am glad may ganito ang Mentos to bridge the gap and connect more. May other candies din ata na ganyan concept may sulat din at ang cutee eh ��


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