Satisfy your cravings with an X.O. Milk Tea Candy!

When the cravings hit you while working or scrolling online, X.O. Milk Tea Candy has your back!

Cravings come at the most random times and once it hits, you just can’t stop thinking about it! Some might even feel irritated when they don’t get their fix right away.

Scrolling through social media, you’ll notice many of our friends would post and rave about the ever-popular milk tea. Here are some possible reasons why this craze, which has been going on for years, shows no signs of stopping.

No need to line up for milk tea. For just P1, X.O. Milk Tea Candy will quickly satisfy your cravings.

The flavor options 

From the classic wintermelon flavor to dessert types like caramel and chocolate, there’s one for every preference.

You can drink it on the go 

Milk tea is an accessible drink that you can drink while taking a casual stroll, during a commute; even while working or studying! Plus, you don’t have to wait for it to cool down before diving in.

Quickly satisfies your sweet cravings

Aside from being a refreshing pearly favorite, milk tea’s undeniable sweetness can hit the spot when cravings come at any time of the day.

Now, imagine if you can have milk tea the exact moment you start craving – X.O. Candy can offer just that with their newest milk tea variant!

Milk tea anytime, anywhere! Get your sweet fix with the newest X.O. Milk Tea Candy.

X.O. Milk Tea Candy has a smooth blend of wintermelon tea and sweet cream that satisfies your cravings anytime, anywhere. For just one peso, you can get your milk tea fix! Just have a couple of pieces, or a whole pack with you while you work, study, or travel for your extraordinary craving satisfaction.

If you have other cravings like Coffee, Chocolate, and Caramel, you can get X.O. Candy’s staple flavors as well.

Conveniently satisfy your cravings with X.O. Candy. X.O. is available in Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, and Sari-Sari Stores nationwide, as well as Universal Robina Corporation's official store on Lazada and Shopee.

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